Quality Inn Halifax Airport - Goffs, Nova Scotia, B2T 1K3, Canada

Stationed Reception Fare

Displayed in your function room self serve style

Mixed Finger Sandwiches
We have something for everyone, roast beef, black forest ham, turkey, smoked meat, pastrami, chicken, egg, tuna, vegetarian. Featuring pita, whole wheat, white multi grain, rye flavored wraps, bagels and more. We only use real cheddar and Swiss cheese and all your favorite vegetables!
$5.99 per person

Premium Cheese & Crackers
A selection of local and international cheeses including(not limited to) medium cheddar, Swiss, Brie, Camembert, smoked Gouda, spiced Havarti and Jalapeno Jack.
$7.50 per person

Fresh Fruit Medley
We start our creation with a juicy pineapple and add honeydew melon, watermelon, cantaloupe, green grapes and red grapes, oranges, strawberries, kiwi and seasonal fruit when available
$4.75 per person
(Exact Fruit May Vary based on seasonality)

Crab & Cilantro Stuffed Endive Leaves
Crisp endive leaves with a generous amount of crab and mixed seafood. Presentation is very impressive.
$20.99 per dozen

Nova Scotia Smoked Salmon
Always a crowd pleaser and dished up just the way you would expect. We take a complete side of smoked salmon, splash a bit of fresh lemon on it; surround it with mini Bretons, capers, red onions, lemons, limes, and cracked pepper or garden cream cheese.
1 side $79.95

Mexican Dip
Beautifully served in an oval bowl with generous layers of salsa, guacamole, sour cream, diced peppers, green onions, olives and shredded cheese accompanied with purple and yellow corn chips.
$2.00 per person

Mixed Premium Sandwiches
This has become what’s talked about in catering! Instead of the usual sandwiches, we provide such great tastes as lobster and crab, Thai pork tenderloin on multi-grain baguette, oven cooked roast beef with baby spinach greens and horseradish, roasted vegetables and, our cooked on -site smoked meat with linseed rye sprouts and a crunchy dill pickle.
$7.50 per person

Cheese & Crackers
A selection of cheddar, mozzarella, Marble and havarti
$5.00 per person

Vegetables & Dip
Carrots, mushrooms, green pepper, yellow pepper, red pepper, celery, English cucumbers, yellow zucchini served with a cream cheese garden dip.
$3.50 per person

Fresh Baked Sweets
A selection of sweets, squares, mini cookies and brownies (Plus whatever the baker “whips” up for the day)
$2.75 per person (2 pieces per)

Iced Shrimp
Not only delicious, but very attractive! Cold shrimp on a bed of green leaf lettuce, lightly seasoned with lemon and basil and seafood sauce for dipping. Or for larger functions, choose to have it served in our clear clamshell on ice.
3.00 per person

Anti Pasto Tray
This is the tray of the 21st century, with a selection of kalamata olives, pickled artichokes, steamed asparagus wrapped in smoked salmon, cheeses, imported cured meats and more!!
$4.00 per person

Hummus Tray
Three specialty bowls of hummus, 1 regular, 1 roasted red pepper and 1 spicy. Served with pita $3.00 per person

Warm Stationed Reception Fare

Sweet & Sour Meatballs
Unlike most, we hand roll each and every meatball then we bake them and let them cool. We then reheat to ensure the sweet and sour sauce flavor is absorbed in the meatballs.
$54.95 per serving

Chicken Wings
Mild, barbecue, hot or suicide! If you like, we can serve them Alberta style with blue cheese dressing and celery.
$4 per person

Artichoke Dip
This dip is served hot with cup baguette or toasted garlic and coriander pita chips. A great addition to any reception.
$69.95 per serving

Our mussels come from local producers and are steamed with just the right amount of wine, garlic, chives and onions and served with garlic butter. Market price per pound

Beef or Pork Sautés
We take the beef and marinate in a blend of Mediterranean oils and spice or choose the pork and have it marinated in Greek spices! Delicious!

Hot Smoked Salmon
A hot smoked salmon served under the heat with a delicious mango chutney.
$79.95 per side

You "Build" Mini Donairs $20.49 per dozen

Passed Canap├ęs

Served to your guests elegantly on trays. Perfect for standing -style receptions.
Price includes labour fee for serving
(minimum 3 dozen order of each)
Just a sampling of our offerings to you. Please ask about packages and themes.

Smoked Atlantic Salmon on Pumpernickel
with Capers & Cream Cheese
$15.95 per dozen

Mesquite Scallops on Toasted Baguette
$18.95 per dozen

$15.95 perdozen

Bruschetta Medallions
$12.95 per dozen

Mini Beef Sliders with Sundried Tomatoes
and Chipotle Mayonnaise
$21.99 per dozen

Garlic Shrimp with Red Pepper Coulis
17.95 per dozen

Stuffed Mushrooms Vol Au Vent
$16.95 per dozen

Bacon Wrapped Scallops
$18.95 per dozen

Thai Chicken Satays
$17.95 per dozen

Mini crab cakes with garlic aioli
$19.99 per dozen

Mini quiche (spinach and Swiss cheese in pastry)
and Lorraine (ham and cheddar in philo)
$13.95 per dozen

prices are subject to tax and gratuity

Quality Inn Halifax Airport
60 Sky Boulevard
Goffs, Nova Scotia, B2T 1K3, Canada
Call: 902 873 3000


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